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Plan My Move Features

Plan My Move has features to help you customize and save your moving checklist. An overview of these features is detailed below.



My Moves Page    

The My Moves page gives you a history of your previously saved moving checklists, so you can use them to help create new checklists. You can view, edit, delete, download a checklist or start a new move all from this page.



Topic and Timeline View


In addition to Topic View on your My Checklist page, you can review that same content in Timeline View. In Timeline View, your tasks will automatically be ordered by which you are likely to accomplish first, second and so forth. However, you can reorder tasks by clicking on the six dots or four arrows and dragging items up or down.



You can add your own custom tasks by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the topic regardless of which view you use.



Build My Checklist Updates

To customize your checklist, you will be asked a series of questions on the Build My Checklist page. Your selection will show how many tasks will be added to your checklist for that topic.



Download Checklist Updates

On the Download Checklist page you can customize your download. Select either topic or timeline view, and choose whether you want your full checklist, or a condensed version without details, links and tips. You can also save as a PDF, Word or Excel file.